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Mia's world crumbles when she finds out she has to move across the country. She's autistic and she struggles to make new friends. All her life, she has coped by relying on the familiar. But in a new city, her routines fall apart. How can Mia survive when she's so far away from everything she knows?

Catch Me
if I Fall

Angela has been training on a trapeze since she was a kid. She loves the dizzying heights and acrobatics, but she doesn’t love the constant pressure to be perfect. When Angela’s best friend introduces her to boxing, she finds something that makes her happy. For once, she doesn't have to be graceful. But the more time she devotes to boxing, the more she puts her reputation for perfection at risk. And if she’s not perfect, then who is she? 

Everything I Know

Coming August 2023

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To Be Maya

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"A strong voice and lyrical prose center the experiences of a Guatemalan American teen."

Maya’s mother immigrated to the US from Guatemala before fifteen-year-old Maya was born. But she still clings to her roots and traditions. When lacrosse star Josh Williams expresses interest in Maya, she’s excited to go on a real date. But Maya’s mother isn’t on board. Can Maya make her mother see she’s ready to grow up and have more freedom? And can she do it before Josh loses interest and moves on to someone who isn’t held down by their Guatemalan heritage?

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